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Iris Zugovic (1976, Dubrovnik, Croatia) 1996-2000, Royal Academy of Fine Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

Lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands

My interest resides in taking aspects of our familiar surroundings and altering them to make them slightly off, uncanny, disturbing and unfamiliar. The work and spaces within become awkward, suggestive of the weight of things outside our reach where something inexplicable has gone awry.

It is a challenge to try to forge a world in which anything might be possible and which possesses its own internal logic.

In my work I connect the outside world with the inner world, never totally wanting to reveal the real nature of the subject and thus leaving space to the viewer with which to interact.

My work is inconsistent and diverse, respecting the nature of different images that are often placed together without the rule and order. This inconsistency can be compared to the subliminal state where objects merge and become a part of the same subjective reality. This inconsistency is the thread that runs through all of my work.


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